Best Alarm clock with bed shakers Buyer’s Guide 2020

In this review, we evaluate the best alarm clock with bed shakers available today. We have also included a comprehensive guide that helps you pick the best product. We hope that by going through the top 10 best alarm clock with bed shakers reviews below, you can effectively narrow down your choice and find the most appropriate one you need. Among the products, our top choice is Sonic Alert Loud Alarm Clock SBS550ss on Amazon.

We spent 56 hours to look for top-rated products in this category and have compiled the following list. If you are looking for the best alarm clock with bed shakers, our top recommendation for you is Sonic Alert Loud Alarm Clock SBS550ss, which comes with amazing features you’ve never expected before! It is absolutely the best alarm clock with bed shakers available in the market today. However, if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend big on best alarm clock with bed shakers, you may want to consider Clarity 600 Wake Assure Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker which is an economic option and still comes with all the basic features one would expect in best alarm clock with bed shakers.

10 Best Alarm clock with bed shakers

Best Alarm clock with bed shakers

1. Sonic Alert Loud Alarm Clock SBS550ss

The SBS550bc AKA "The Skull", has been designed for guys and girls that think outside the box With Bright Red flashing eye sockets, a strip of orange flashing alert lights, and our deadly bone crusher bed shaker, you might want to sleep with one eye open Did we mention the skull snoozer, go ahead snooze it we dare you

  • 113db extra loud alarm with adjustable tone volume control
  • Packaged with the most powerful 12 volt bone crusher bed shaker
  • Includes a bright red flashing eye sockets and a strip of orange flashing alert lights
  • Mp3 player input lets you wake up to your own music and test function to ensure your clock is setup properly
  • 5 level dimmer function and equipped with 1224 hour time capability

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2. Clarity 600 Wake Assure Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker

Clarity 00600000 Wake Assure Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker

  • Super bright 1.8 lcd display and visual alarm indicator
  • Super loud 85 decibel alarm
  • Included bed shaker will wake even deep sleepers
  • Includes port for optional lamp flasher accessory
  • Snooze button
  • Super bright 1.8 inch lcd display
  • Super loud 85 db alarm
  • Bedshaker and lamp flasher will wake even
  • Deep sleepers
  • Snooze button

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3. Sonic Bomb Bluetooth Portable Super Bed Shaker Alarm/Powerful Vibrations Guaranteed to Wake Even The Heaviest Sleepers

Get the same strong vibration you would expect from the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clocks The Sonic Bomb BT Super Shaker is a powerful alarm controlled by your smartphone Its vibrations are guaranteed to wake up even the heaviest of sleepers! The Sonic Bomb pairs to your smartphone allowing you to set multiple alarms as well as other vibrating alerts such as incoming calls, emails and text message

  • Connects wirelessly to your smartphone. download the app set your alarm and place the super shake under your pillow or mattress.
  • Set multiple alarms with adjustable vibration strength. adjust the vibration wirelessly through the app and wake up through any combination of vibration and sound.
  • Great for heavy sleepers couples roommates and individuals with hearing challenges. this is a great gift for anyone of any age.
  • Wake without disturbing others. sonic bomb super shaker is guaranteed to get you out of bed without disturbing anyone in the house.
  • Be alerted to calls and text messages. never miss that important call or text.

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4. SONIC ALERT Rise 'n Shine Alarm Clock with Dual Alarms

The Rise ‘n Shine from Sonic Alert is an ideal companion for those on the go, whether its business or pleasure Take the Sonic Rise ‘n Shine with you to wake up to your favorite clock and charge your phone at the same time - don’t leave home without it Compact and stylish, the Rise ‘n Shine has a number of very useful features including Sonic Alert’s unique bed vibration that provides a tactile sense ensuring you wake up even while others continue sleeping (with the volume turned down)

  • Usb charging for smart phones and other electronics
  • Powerful bed shakervibrator
  • Loud dual alarm with adjustable tone and volume control
  • Five level dimmer control
  • User selectable snooze time 1 30 minutes and alarm duration 1 59 minutes

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5. iLuv TimeShaker Wow - Vibrating Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

The TimeShaker Wow is the perfect companion to wake you up on time It has a 120 decibel alarm sound with an adjustable level that will make sure you open your eyes Additionally, the Time Shaker Wow comes with a patent pending pillow shaker that is sure to wake you up If you choose the vibration only option, you can wake up without disturbing anyone else in the room

  • Wake up to vibrating alarm clock from a strong wired bed shaker the timeshaker wow comes with a super strong wired that will wake you up guaranteed. in addition to powerful vibration the timeshaker wow allows you to subtly wake up without disturbing your partner roommate or significant other with super strong vibrating alarm shaker. each shaker contains 3 different vibration levels so you can choose customize your alert level.
  • Customizable sahke awake alarm clock with painc sound the timeshaker wow is the perfect companion to wake you up on time. this clock has a built in adjustable alarm tone that can reach as loud as 120 decibels the same volume as a hammer drill. also you can choose preferred alert level from a sturdy main unit that includes classic alarm features like the snooze button daylight savings time dst adjustment and the option to choose between 24 hour display or the standard 12 hour.
  • Built in ultra bright alert light and jumbo display the timeshaker wow has an additional backup alert option three ultra sonic super glistening alert lights that flash when your alarm goes off. additionally the main unit is centered around a jumbo 1.4 led display that you can see from anywhere in the room. feel free to customize your wake up experience to include any combination of light sound and vibration for a whole new wake up experience unlike anything youve experienced.
  • Take charge with the convenient built in usb charging port powering up just got more convenient with the best vibrating bed alarm clock . the timeshaker wow contains a built in usb port that allows you to charge your smart phone or tablet as well as most other usb enabled devices right at your bedside. it doesnt get more convenient than that.
  • Dual alarm options with simple user interface extremely user friendly design with easy to use control buttons that include a one step alarm set up and the ability to schedule multiple alarms at once. on a different schedule as your partner you can set this vibrating bed alarm clock separately and wake up at your convenience.great for those intimidated by complicated design and useful for couples and roommate on separate schedules.

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6. Sonic Bomb Extra-Large Dual Alarm Clock with Large Display - SBD375SS

The perfect couple's alarm clock, the SBD375ss dual alarm allows for two different alarm times to accommodate two people It also features an easy-to-read large (18") display, our most powerful bed shaker, 5-level dimmer function and a convenient test mode to ensure your clock is setup properly Sleep well knowing you'll wake up on time

  • Extra loud dual alarm with volume control
  • Super shaker bed shaker wake with a shake
  • Large display face see from across the room
  • Dimmer function 5 levels of brightness or not at all
  • Snooze time 1 30 minutes your choice

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7. Homtime Loud Alarm Clock with Wireless Powerful Bed Shaker for Heavy Sleepers

Alarm with music or vibration; Special design of time Sync & music streaming for iOS user; Jumbo Auto-Dimming LCD Display; Gesture Activated Nightlight; Dual USB Charging ports; Battery backup for emergency situation; One-Year Warrenty

  • Alarm with music or vibrationthe wireless vibration disclevel adjustable is the perfect way towake up heavy sleepers deaf people couples and seniors without disturbing the roommate c2 also offers melody alarm setting with adjustable volume you wake up by beautiful music every morning with the snooze function.
  • Special design of time sync music streaming for ios usersync the time and streaming the music couldnt be easier. innovation technology for ios userconnect apple devices iphone ipad ipod with one ofcharging ports the clock automatically synchronizes the time in 12h or 24hformat and stream the music you are listening to the speaker which delivers great sound in a compact form.for all the others the dial design makes the time and alarm setting fast and easy.
  • Jumboauto dimming lcd displaythe3.2 inch lcd display is big enough to see clearly at a glance withmultiple brightness levels that automatically toambientlight conditions or tap the rotary button manually to the desired light.
  • Gesture activated nightlightfeatures a unique soft nightlight function to provide just enough light for tired eyes to safely see without waking others. your hand gently waves above the clock at night the nightlight will be on and automatically off after 3 minutes or waves again to off the light. the brightness of the night light is adjustable too.
  • Dual usb charging portsc2 is capable of safe fast dual simultaneous charging of phones and mobile devices so you will always start your day with a full juicy battery in the morning.

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8. Sonic Alert SBJ525ss Sonic Bomb Jr

The sonic bomb jr, aka “the bomb jr”, has been designed for guys and girls of all ages, on a mission and a budget don’t be fooled by it’s name! this is no regular jr it’s packed with all the great stuff that has made the sonic bomb the preferred weapon of students throughout the world stealth grey color with red controls, night vision display and pulsating alert light, jr

  • Packaged with our 9 volt bed shaker
  • Extra loud alarm 102 decibels with adjustable tone and volume
  • Pulsating flashing alert light and new green power technology now uses 60 less energy
  • Bomb snooze diffuser
  • Battery backup

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9. Mesqool Projection Clock with Bed Shaker Alarm


  • Powerful vibrator loud alarm sound the 1.8 meter wired vibrator is external of clock so that could be put under pillow. it is designed for silent rouse which allows you to softly wake up without disturbing your spouse roommate or family member with powerful vibrator. you can also choose to set sound alarm for your preference.
  • 180 adjustable angle focus dial flipable projection the sleek 180 degree swivel projection with focus control ring provides a clear view of the time and adjustable angle with reverse button to meet any occasions. project ultra clear time onto your walls or ceiling. whenever you wake up the first thing comes into your eyes is time.
  • 7 led display with 3 dimmer snooze the screen of the clock is large and you can read it from the other side of the room even for short sighted and elders. this alarm clock is designed perfectly with dimming levelsthe dimmest brightness is very comfortable without disturbing your sleep in any way. just press dimmer button to eliminate extra light in the room. the snooze button is the best design for those struggling every morning to get out of bed.
  • Usb output chargingbattery backup setting the clock is outlet powered for supporting functions such as usb charging vibrator projection alarm and time display. two aaa 1.5v batteriesnot included are required to ensure memorization of time settings so that you dont need to reset time after encountering power outage. usb charging port is compatible with all android ios smart phones tablets kindle or any other digital devices.
  • 1 year replacement guarantee 3 month full refund guarantee 18 month extended warranty never worry about returningrefundreplacement even if amazon return service fails to meet your needs. you can contact our sellers by or website address attached to the product.

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10. Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Extra Loud Heart Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker Vibrator. for Heavy Sleepers

This Heart Clock is a great gift for a girl of any age The Sonic Boom Sweetheart alarm clock in metallic black from Sonic Alert features a unique pink display, flashing alarm lights and 5-level dimmer Don't let its looks fool you, with its extra-loud alarm and our most powerful 12-volt bed shaker including strength control, you'll sure to get out of bed on time

  • Extra loud dual alarm with bright flashing alarm lights. 113 db loud alarm with adjustable tone volume control.
  • Powerful 12 volt bed shaker vibrator with vibration strength control. wake up through bed vibrations and is guaranteed to get you out of bed on time without disturbing anyone else in the household. the vibration is great for deafpeople who suffer from hearing loss senior citizens or even couples and roommates that are on different sleeping schedules.
  • User selects snooze time and alarm duration. snooze time 1 30 minutes and alarm duration from 1 to 59 minutes your choice.
  • Five level dimmer. fall asleep to the brightness of the display that you choose. test function to ensure your clock is setup properly.
  • Great gift for a girl of any age grandmother mother and daughter. perfect for any gift giving occasion.

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