Best barlow lenses for telescope eyepieces Buyer’s Guide 2021

Looking for some of the best barlow lenses for telescope eyepieces? As you may know, there are dozens of similar products out there and some come with vastly different price tags. Let us help you out here – we have handpicked for you the best barlow lenses for telescope eyepieces. Among the products, our top choice is Dust Caps for 1.25" Telescope Eyepieces Barlow Lens or Other Accessories - 5 Plug and 5 Cap a Set on Amazon.

We spent 56 hours to look for top-rated products in this category and have compiled the following list. If you are looking for the best barlow lenses for telescope eyepieces, our top recommendation for you is Dust Caps for 1.25" Telescope Eyepieces Barlow Lens or Other Accessories - 5 Plug and 5 Cap a Set, which comes with amazing features you’ve never expected before! It is absolutely the best barlow lenses for telescope eyepieces available in the market today. However, if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend big on best barlow lenses for telescope eyepieces, you may want to consider Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit - 14 Piece Telescope Accessory Set which is an economic option and still comes with all the basic features one would expect in best barlow lenses for telescope eyepieces.

10 Best barlow lenses for telescope eyepieces

Best barlow lenses for telescope eyepieces

1. Dust Caps for 1.25" Telescope Eyepieces Barlow Lens or Other Accessories - 5 Plug and 5 Cap a Set

The sale is for a set of 5 brand new plastic dust caps and 5 plugs for 125" telescope They will fit any 125" telescope eyepeices or 125" accessories such as the telescope 125“ webcam adaptor, diagonals Made from durable high quality plastics for long lasting usage Color: clear as shown by my photo

  • Fit 1.25 inch standand eyepieces barlow lens and other accessories.
  • A set of 5 brand new plastic dust caps and 5 dust plugs
  • Made from durable plastics for long lasting usage . healthy and environmentally friendly pp material.
  • The picture is to give you an idea how these dust caps fit on a 1.25 eyepiece and barlow lens. eyepiece and barlow lens are not included in the sale.
  • 1. there is also storage cases box for 1.25 and 2 telescope filters in my shop. you can search its asin b01bevhss0. 2. dust plugs for 2inch barlows or diagonals asin b013sde5tc

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2. Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit - 14 Piece Telescope Accessory Set

The Celestron 125” Eyepiece and Filter Kit is a great way to expand the functionality and enjoyment of your telescope Inside the metal, foam-lined carry case you’ll find these accessories: 32 mm Plossl Eyepiece - 125” 17 mm Plossl Eyepiece - 125” 13 mm Plossl Eyepiece - 125” 8 mm Plossl Eyepiece - 1

  • Five superior grade plossl eyepieces all fully multi coated for maximum contrast and resolution
  • 2x 1.25 inch barlow lens gives you a total of ten power combinations
  • Six colored eyepiece planetary filters.a tight fit is better so remove the least amount of foam possible before testing the fit
  • 1.25 inch moon filter provides maximum enjoyment of the moon especially during the brighter phases
  • Items in this kit are valued at over 700.00 if purchased separately

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3. Celestron 93230 8 to 24mm 1.25 Zoom Eyepiece

  • Zoom from low to high power in an instant with this versatile eyepiece
  • Compatible with any telescope that accepts 1.25 eyepieces
  • This fully multi coated premium eyepiece zooms to any focal length between 8 mm and 24 mm pick the best magnification for your subject

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4. Celestron AstroMaster Telescope Accessory Kit

The AstroMaster Accessory Kit is designed to enhance the functionality and pleasure of using your Celestron telescope This kit may also be used with many other telescope brands that accept 125" eyepieces and filters

  • 15 mm kellner eyepiece.6 mm plssl eyepiece.2x power lens with t threads.80a blue planetary filter.25 red planetary filter.moon filter.micro fiber cloth.plastic carrying case with foam
  • Fully coated eyepieces for higher magnification.2x power lens will double the magnification of any eyepiece used with it
  • 2x power lens features t threads to attach a camera to your telescope with optional t ring.planetary filters enhance details on jupiter saturn mars and venus
  • Moon filter allows detailed views of the moon especially during the brighter phases
  • Carrying case fits all of the included items in the die cut foam interior

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5. Orion 08711 Shorty 1.25-Inch 2x Barlow Lens (Black)

Give your telescope eyepieces a 2x power boost! The Orion Shorty 125 inch 2x Barlow Lens doubles the power of any 125 inch telescope eyepiece it's used with For about the price of a single eyepiece or less, the practical Shorty 2x Barlow effectively doubles the number of telescope eyepieces at your disposal

  • Double the power of any 1.25 telescope eyepiece with the orion shorty barlow lens
  • A great way to essentially double the number of telescope eyepieces in your collection without having to buy twice as many eyepieces
  • Very compact just 3 inch long half the length of a standard barlow lens easy to stash in your accessory case
  • Doublet lens system is multi coated for excellent transmission and the internal housing is baffled to eliminate unwanted reflections and increase contrast
  • Threaded for use with 1.25 inch orion telescope eyepiece filters

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6. Celestron 93428 X-Cel LX 1.25-Inch 3x Barlow Lens (Black)

When inserted between the eyepiece and telescope, this premium 3x Barlow lens triples the magnification of all your 125” eyepieces This is a perfect accessory for owners of short, fast telescopes, and is especially helpful for boosting the magnification during lunar or planetary observations under good seeing conditions

  • Quality x cel lx 3x barlow triples the magnification of any 1.25 eyepiece perfect for owners of fast short focal length telescopes
  • 3 element apochromatic fully multi coated optics offer up bright sharp images with excellent color correction
  • A rubber grip helps to avoid accidental drops
  • Barrel is threaded to accept standard 1.25 filters
  • A brass compression ring holds eyepiece firmly in place

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7. SVBONY 1.25 inches 5X Barlow Lens Fully Blackened Metal Multi Coated Broadband Green Film with M42 Thread for Standard Telescope Eyepiece Astronomy

More magnification for existing eyepieces to see the details of moon and bands of Jupiter clearly;the Barlow lens is a mustQuality and value high power SVBONY 5x Barlow lens to give a big magnification boost to any 125'' eyepieceIt will help double the capacity of an existing set eyepieces at the cost of a single eyepiece;It's super easy to use;you can simply insert eyepiece of choice into the Barlow lens;then insert it into the scopeBarlow lens could also provide more magnification without reducing the exit hole on the eyepieceFeatures:5x magnification factor with 1

  • Thevaluemusthave5xbarlowlensdoublesthemagnificationofany1.25incheyepiecedoublethecapacityofanexistingseteyepiecesatthecostofasingleeyepiece
  • Qualityaluminumstockandblackanodizedbodywithm42x0.75mmthreadworkasatadapterconnectdslrorslrcameratotelescopeeasilyviaaseparatesaletringadapter
  • 3elementapo2grouplenseswithmulticoatedopticsdesignmakeimagemorecrispandsharpqulityandshortyaluminumstockandblackanodizedbodyforaconvenientlongtermuse
  • Connectdslrslrcameratotelescopeeasilythetringadapteryoubuyseparatelydependingonthemodelofcamera
  • 2elementonegroupbroadbandgreenfilmmulticoatedopticalglassthehousingisblackenedtomaximizeimagecontrastboththatgetshighqualityobservationwithoutadditionalchromatic

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8. Celestron Omni 2X Barlow Lens

A Barlow lens is the astronomy accessory that keeps on giving! Insert it between your eyepiece and your telescope to get double the magnification instantly Let’s say you have two eyepieces in your accessory case, a 10 mm and a 25 mm Add a Celestron Omni 2X Barlow Lens to the mix, and now you have four magnifications to choose from

  • Double the magnification of each eyepiece you own with the omni 2x barlow lens
  • Keep the eye relief of your eyepieces while getting 2x the power
  • Slides into 1.25 focusers and diagonals and accepts 1.25 eyepieces
  • Fully multi coated optics with blackened edges for good light transmission and minimal reflections

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9. SVBONY 1.25 inches 2X Barlow Lens Doubles The Magnification Multi Coated Broadband Green Film with M42 Thread for Standard Telescope Eyepiece

High magnification for eyepieces to see more details of the moon;bands of Jupiter clearly;SVBONY 125" 2x Barlow lens is a better choice It's easy to use;simply insert the eyepiece into Barlow lens;then insert the Barlow lens into the scope The Barlow lens also could provide more magnification without reducing the exit hole on the eyepiece;it keeps a comfortable observation with wide view Main Points: 2x magnification with 1

  • The value must have 2x barlow lens doubles the magnification of any 1.25 inch eyepiecedouble the capacity of an existing set eyepieces at the cost of a single eyepiece
  • The apochromatic barlow lens provide a high power magnification allow you look more closely and more detailed at the moons surface and other planet
  • 2 element one group broadband green film multi coated optical glassthe housing is blackened to maximize image contrastboth that gets high quality observation without additional chromatic aberrationmake image more crisp and sharp
  • Quality aluminum stock and black anodized body with m42x0.75mm threadwork as a t adapterconnect dslr or slr camera to telescope easily via a separate sale t ring adapter
  • Connect dslr slr camera to telescope easilythe t ring adapter you buy separately depending on the model of camera

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10. Celestron 94305 Two-inch Eyepiece and Filter Kit

  • Three e lux 2 eyepieces 3 element fully multicoated optical design with a 56apparent field of view
  • 2 barlow lens 2x a barlow lens doubles the magnifying power of your eyepiece by doubling its effective focal length.
  • Five colored eyepiece lunar planetary filters 2 included are kodak wratten 12 deep yellow
  • 2 mirror diagonal this high quality 90 degree multicoated mirror diagonal
  • The aluminum carrying case is sturdy and well built and holds all of the included items in the die cut foam interior.

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