Best Channel mixers with digital effects To Buy In 2020

Are you an enthusiast of best channel mixers with digital effects? If so, you definitely want to check out the following top 10 best channel mixers with digital effects. Among the products, our top choice is G-MARK Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board Console System Interface 16 Channel Digital USB Bluetoot on Amazon.

We spent 52 hours to look for top-rated products in this category and have compiled the following list. If you are looking for the best channel mixers with digital effects, our top recommendation for you is G-MARK Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board Console System Interface 16 Channel Digital USB Bluetoot, which comes with amazing features you’ve never expected before! It is absolutely the best channel mixers with digital effects available in the market today. However, if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend big on best channel mixers with digital effects, you may want to consider Yamaha Mg10Xu 10-Input Stereo Mixer With Effects which is an economic option and still comes with all the basic features one would expect in best channel mixers with digital effects.

10 Best Channel mixers with digital effects

Best Channel mixers with digital effects

1. G-MARK Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board Console System Interface 16 Channel Digital USB Bluetooth MP3 Computer Input 48V Phantom Power Stereo DJ 24-Bit SPX effects

The G-MARK MG16MP3 has an intuitive, easy-to-use operator interface for a wide range of users and purposes Its rugged construction and flexible design make it possible to create sound with high performance, good sound quality and stability in applications such as installation, recording and live performances

  • 16 channel mixer 8 mono and 4 stereo line inputs with phantom power 48v and microphone preamplifier
  • Phantom power switch and pad switch phantom power function g mark mg16mp3 series can use the condenser microphone larger frequency response and higher sound quality. the input channels with pad switch adapt to various input signals such as mic to line level and the pad switch attenuates the higher input signals commonly used by microphones picking up musical instruments to avoid clipping that can significantly affect mixing distortion.
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming hassle and cable free audio streaming ability directly to the console unit. this audio mixer can wirelessly stream music tunes from ipad iphone and android smart phone with mixing board from pandora or spotify.
  • Eq and high pass filter precise tuning tone the effective means is a reliable balance operation. the g mark mg16mp3 leverages the rich experience of audio equipment with a three band equalizer on each mono channel thus controlling the sound. the high pass filter eliminates unneeded low frequency noise resulting in a smooth clear mix.
  • Mixers are rugged impact resistant powder coated metal chassis. wavy rounded design facilitates rapid cooling internal design the power supply module independent of the analog circuit which will help reduce the probability of noise while increasing the life of internal components. knob controller design all in the chassis surface so from the chassis itself to the internal circuit board and the parts below will not be any collision and extrusion.

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2. Yamaha Mg10Xu 10-Input Stereo Mixer With Effects

MG10XU 10-Channel Mixer with Effects Now in its third incarnation, the MG Series embodies the pursuit of design excellence, and incorporates some of the same technologies developed for use in high-end professional consoles, including studio-quality preamps, powerful digital processing, and a rugged, reliable construction

  • 10 channel mixer with usb and spx digital effects
  • Featuring studio grade discrete class a d pre amps with inverted darlington circuit providing fat natural sounding bass and smooth soaring highs
  • 3 band eq and high pass filters give you maximum control and eliminate unwanted noise resulting in a cleaner mix
  • 1 knob compressors allow easy control resulting in livelier guitars punchier bass lines a tighter snare and a cleaner vocal sound
  • Mg series mixers feature a rugged impact resistant powder coated metal chassis equivalent input noise 128 dbu residual output noise 102 dbu
  • Note please refer to the user manual before use
  • Dimensionswhd 244 mm x 71 mm x 294 mm 9.6x2.8x11.6 inches

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3. Pyle Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board Console - Desk System Interface with 6 Channel

6-Ch Bluetooth Studio Mixer - DJ Controller Audio Mixing Console System Features: DJ & Studio Console Mixer System Multi 6-Channel Audio Source Mixing Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Receiver FX (Analog Effects) & 16 Bit DSP processor Direct-to-Computer Connect & Sound Record Ability LCD Digital Display & Front Panel Control Center Rotary Adjustment Knobs & LED Indicator Lights MP3 Digital Audio File Compatibility USB Interface: MP3 Flash Drive Reader/Computer Connection Connect & Stream Audio from External Devices (2) 1/4’’ (L/R) MAIN Outputs (4) XLR/14’’ Combo Audio LINE/Microphone Inputs 1/4’’ Mono + Stereo Inputs 1/4’’ Send + Return Inputs 1/4’’ Headphone Jack Stereo Level Fader/Slider Output Signal Level Indication BUS Audio Control, Sound Routing PAD Channel Source Input Switch Independent Channel Input Audio Configuration Gain, High, Mid, Low, FX/Send, Level, Base + Tone Adjustment +48V Phantom Power Control Power ON/OFF Switch Used for Professional Studio Applications & On-Stage Performances What’s in the Box: Bluetooth Studio Mixer Power Adapter Cable, 4-Pin Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity: Hassle-Free Audio Streaming Ability Works with All of Today’s Latest Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, etc

  • Usbflash readermp3 compatibility connect your external usb computer pc flash drive or bluetooth device to mix record. use the built in controls to playpause skip tracks and switch between modes.
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming hassle and cable free audio streaming ability directly to the console unit. this audio mixer can wirelessly stream music tunes from ipad iphone and android smart phone with mixing board from pandora or spotify.
  • Mic and stereo line inputs supporting xlr and unbalanced 14 plug with 48v phantom button highly accurate led peak level indicator and ultra musical 3 band eq on all channels. ultra low noise high headroom mixer with super easy functionality.
  • Rugged steel chassis with sealed rotary controls to resist dust and grime this compact dj mixer will provide total dynamic control. this incredibly versatile mixer is great for high quality on stage performance live gigs and karaoke.
  • New multi voltage power supply 100v 240v 15v dc power adapter ideal for worldwide usage. enjoy a value packed mixing solution today with performances that sound great each time.

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4. Muslady SM-68 Portable 6-Channel Sound Card Mixing Console Mixer Built-in 16 Effects with USB Audio Interface Supports 5V Power Bank for Recording DJ Network Live Broadcast Karaoke

Features: 6-channel digital mixing console with 4 XLR/TRS microphone or guitar combo input jacks and 2 TRS mono/stereo line input jack Plug and play, with 24 bit USB 20 sound card, compatible with Windows XP+ and OS X systems Also compatible with many audio editing and making software that supports Core Audio or WDM standard

  • 6 channel digital mixing console with 4 xlrtrs microphone or guitar combo input jacks and 2 trs monostereo line input jack. suitable for recording online live performances karaoke singing and conference room a great assistant for guitarists singers music lovers and so on.
  • Plug and play with 24 bit usb 2.0 sound card compatible with windows xp and os x systems. also compatible with many audio editing and making software that supports core audio or wdm standard.
  • Built in 24 bit multi digital effect processor supports up to 16 kinds of effects to meet different requirements of your vocal or musical instruments.
  • The specially designed a type microphone pre amplifier has extremely low noise low distortion and a high dynamic range built in 48v phantom power for using with a condenser microphone.
  • Compact size design portable and lightweight and dc 5v low voltage power supply can be powered by computer or 5v power bank via the including usb cable very convenient to use.

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5. Yamaha MG12XU 12 Channel Analog Mixer with 6 Microphone Preamps

Adding value to your purchase, Zorro Sounds bundles your instrument with necessary accessories Everything you need to start playing immediately comes in one boxSave yourself the hassle and save some money while you're at it 12-Channel Mixing ConsoleMax 6 Mic / 12 Line Inputs (4 mono + 4 stereo)2 GROUP Buses + 1 Stereo Bus2 AUX (incl

  • D pre mic preamps audio mixers deliver clean transparent and natural sound
  • 3 band eq on all mono channels for sound shaping music mixer
  • 1 knob compressors provide straightforward dynamics control play mixer electric mixer
  • Class compliant usb 2.0 for recording and playback with computers and tablets
  • Spx effect processors provide you with a comprehensive suite of 24 effects digital mixer

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6. YAMAHA 6-channel mixing console built-in digital effects MG06X

6-Channel Mixing Console 2 Mic / 6 Line Inputs (2 mono + 2 stereo) 1 Stereo Bus D-PRE mic preamps with an inverted Darlington circuit XLR balanced outputs

  • Monostereo switch allows channels 12 to be used with two mono sources or one stereo source
  • Metal chassis designed to withstand wear and tear
  • Optional bms10a microphone stand adapter sold separately allows mounting

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7. Mackie

The Mackie ProFX12v2 12-channel USB mixer means you can stop sacrificing sound quality for portability at your smaller band and solo acoustic gigs You get six of Mackie's Vita preamps for your mic, guitar, keyboard, or anything else you need for your show After you've plugged in, tap into the powerful ReadyFX effects engine to add excitement to your mix

  • Be sure that the volume of the input is the same as it would be during normal use or you may have to readjust the gain in the middle of a set
  • 6 low noise mackie vita mic preamps add life to any input. readyfx effects engine with 16 effects including reverbs delays and choruses
  • 7 band graphic eq for tuning mains or monitors. you can listen with headphones if you carefully turn up the channel fader and headphones level a little
  • Aux output for monitor mixes venue 70 volt systems and more
  • 3 band eq 80 hz 2.5 khz and 12 khz on all channelsand 100 hz low cut filter on all channels

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8. Rockville RPM1470 14-Channel 6000w Powered Mixer

Description of RPM1470 HOW : The Rockville RPM1470 is a 14-channel powered console mixer with USB input and Bluetooth There were a few goals we had when designing this mixer The first one was it had to have the clearest sound quality with the best quality mic preamps We manufactured this mixer with XDR2 low noise mic preamps

  • Rockville rpm1470 14 channel 6000 watt powered mixer 7 band eq 24 bit effects usb bluetooth and 48v phantom power. rms power output 750 watts x 2 4 ohm. 500 watts x 2 8 ohm. program power output 1500 watts x 2 4 ohm. 1000 watts x 2 8 ohm. peak power output 3000 watts x 2 4 ohm. 2000 watts x 2 8 ohm
  • 14 channel mixer section 12 mono channels 1 stereo channel. 14 high quality xdr2 mic preamps with switchable 48 v phantom power for condenser microphones. xdr2 mic preamps are low noise and low distortion. these are some of the best sounding mic pres on the market. built in usb allows you to play songs from your computer or a thumb drive. built in recording allows you to record your main mix onto the usb or sd card . usb supported formats are mp3 wav wma.
  • Built in advanced bluetooth wireless audio streaming with the most reliable bluetooth chip on the market. 24 bit digital effects processor with 16 preset digital effects including reverb chorus delay chorus phaser flanger and various multi effects. effects level control can adjust signal level of each effect. effects mute button. fx footswitch input lets you turn your effects on or off . 4 band eq high high mid low mid low per channel.
  • These limiters are designed to go brighter as clipping gets stronger and will remain lit up until the channels stop clipping. we recommend lowering the gain if you see these leds lit up. power and output level led indicators. main output fader allows you to fade the sound between the left and right channel. rca input rca output and usb player. headphone jack for monitoring the master signal and individually monitoring each channel with pfl lr.
  • Each channel has gain aux control fx control pan control volume control. peak led indicator has a red led that indicates a signal level that is 5db below clipping . dual stereo 7 band graphic eq allows for precise frequency correction of monitor and main outputs with eq kill switch. aux send and aux returns on every channel to connect all types of external effects and processors. you can control your monitor mix and check levels through your headphones . limit l and limit r led indicators.

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9. Creative Sound Blaster K3+ USB Powered 2 Channel Digital Mixer AMP/DAC/

The Sound Blaster K3+ is an external USB powered sound mixer module with hardware audio processing such as reverb, pitch correction, and voice morphing effects It boasts multiple connectivity inputs, supports 48V phantom powered condenser microphones and features individual input/output gain control

  • Powers up easily via portable battery pack laptop wall socket car lighter port and more
  • Usb connection to pc or mac broadcast audio out from your computer into the mixer record your performance directly to your desired device or livestream using a webcam or video capture device.
  • Xlr phantom power provides up to 48v phantom power to drive condenser microphones for clear studio grade recording quality. trs phantom power not supported
  • Play directly from your mobile device and record to it concurrently in real time via the mobile port through a 4 pole aux cable. perfect for your favorite karaoke apps like smule
  • 9 adjustable reverb effects choose from various reverb effects types and fine tune the aggressiveness of the effect and delay with a twist of a knob.
  • Soundboard clips pitch correction effects apply soundboard effects to your broadcasting. if you are looking for auto tune effects you can synthesize your voice from the full range of c major to b.

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10. Pyle 6 Channel Mixer

The Pyle PYD1964B with Bluetooth takes the professional DJ mixer to new heights with a groundbreaking combination of digital, Bluetooth and analog technologies Unique features provide Mobile and Club DJs tremendous flexibility and intuitive control Upgrade your system with the digital technology to take your DJ skills to the next level

  • Bluetooth the bluetooth dj controller allows you to wirelessly transmit your entire mp3 library right into your mix from devices like your ipad iphone android smart phone or tablet.
  • Upgrade your voice the dj mixer controller manipulates your voice with high mid and bass mic adjustments then use the kill switch to cancel specific frequencies of your two microphone inputs for added special voice effects.
  • Quick easy remixing the mixer digital gives you the freedom to move any source to any channel or even the same source to multiple channels for quick and easy remixing.
  • Full sound control the 6channel mixer gives you complete control over your sound with 10 band graphic equalizer echo delay repeat and added digital sound effects.
  • Updated features the mixer 6 channel features include rock solid construction superb audio fidelity high quality parts and of course reliability are the core ingredients of the design.

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