Best Double litter box furniture Our Top Picks 2020

Buy the best double litter box furniture for your needs. Choose from the best double litter box furniture on the market. Pick the one that satisfies your need. Among the products, our top choice is Staart - Dyad Wooden Cat Litter Box - Mocha Walnut on Amazon.

We spent 47 hours to look for top-rated products in this category and have compiled the following list. If you are looking for the best double litter box furniture, our top recommendation for you is Staart - Dyad Wooden Cat Litter Box - Mocha Walnut, which comes with amazing features you’ve never expected before! It is absolutely the best double litter box furniture available in the market today. However, if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend big on best double litter box furniture, you may want to consider Pieviev Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapping of Jumbo Size 30" X 24" which is an economic option and still comes with all the basic features one would expect in best double litter box furniture.

10 Best Double litter box furniture

Best Double litter box furniture

1. Staart - Dyad Wooden Cat Litter Box - Mocha Walnut

Imagine having a box that could do it all, with some help of course Litter box, check Cat bed, check Side table, che…wait, what?! Yup, our wooden cat litter box can do all that, and sing too! (That last part was a lie, obvs) Even though it can’t sing your cat to sleep, the Dyad Wooden Cat Litter Box can provide your feline all the privacy they desire as they take care of business, nap the day away, plot world domination, converse with the underworld, or simply do number two

  • Stylish and multifunctional inspired by mid century modern design and can double as a side table end table or night stand. the secure covered enclosure can also be used as a litter box cat bed or as regular storage space. its the perfect size for apartments or small spaces and can provide additional storage space. the sleek wood veneer with a beautiful lacquered finish elevates the crate from furniture to statement piece.
  • Safety first the rounded edges on the bottom help protect pets from injuries as they are climbing in and out of the litter box. raised legs with rubber gripers keep the litter box secure while also preventing it from leaving carpet marks.
  • Private space the dog proof double doors keep unwanted guests out while allowing your cat to stay hidden when they want privacy or protection. the round side entry allows cats to climb in and out of the litter box easily.
  • Materials matter the wooden litter box is environmentally friendly and made with pet safe materials. available in one size the grey litter box comes in your choice of walnut pink or white doors to compliment your style. the inside is treated with a waterproof coating so it wont get soaked or damaged if your pet has an accident.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed we are dedicated to enriching your quality time with your pets. we take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. in the unlikely event our product fails to meet your expectations you may return the product within the first 30 days post purchase for a full refund. we did not include a litter tray lid mat scooper rug or bed with the litter box because we know you will want to get one that meets your cats particular needs.

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2. Pieviev Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapping of Jumbo Size 30" X 24"

Mat feature? Size: 30”X 24” Weight:11lbs Colour: Dark gray Material: EVA foam How does it work? Double layer design: Cats walk out from the box and cat litter falls on the upper layer of the mat Litter goes through large holes of upper layer and is trapped on the bottom layer Honeycomb design: You would not feel the litter when you are walking on the mat since litter has gone down through large holes

  • Prevent litter scattering around jumbo size 30 x 24 inch and double layer honeycomb design help you gather cat litters on the upper layer and let it go through the holes down to bottom great with covered litter box metal litter box cat box large cat litter boxessifting litter is your best trap litter cat litter catcher mat.
  • Waterproofurine proof layer bottom layer is waterproof which will not allow any liquid to go through. protect your hardwood floors and carpets from nasty urine stains.
  • Easy to clean just wash it by water or use a vacuum and then blow dry it. save time and strengthworks great with any cat litter box cat box and most kitty litters.please measure to make sure this will fit it is big 32 inches by 30 inches 716 thick. litter matcat litter mat litter box mat cat little box matcat mats for litter boxes.
  • Soft on paw phthalate free many other mats use rough materials that may hurt kitty. our premium comfort mat is phthalate free and our super soft eva material is gentle for sensitive cat paws. cats even like to have an afternoon snooze on it.independently laboratory tested non toxic. safe for your kitty and family.
  • 100 money back guarantee we are proud to offer our customers a no questions asked warranty on your product. while our mat is extremely strong and durable we know some cats love to scratch no matter what happens you can reach out to us directly for assistance. no questions asked

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3. Trixie Pet Products Wooden Pet House X-Large and Litter Box

TRIXIE’s elegant Wooden Cat House and Litter Box (XL) is both sturdy and functional, and can be used as an indoor pet house or cat litter box The enclosed configuration creates a sense of security for your pet, while the attractive and durable varnish wood coordinates with any home décor One year warranty

  • Very elegant way of concealing the cat litter box
  • Can be used an indoor pet house
  • With litter catcher in entrance area
  • Entrance selectable on the right or left side
  • Wide door opening for easy cleaning
  • Carb phase ii compliant

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4. FOCUSPET Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapping Litter Mat Large Size 30'' X 22'' Honeycomb Double Layer Waterproof and Urine Proof Trapping Mat For Furniture/Hooded Mat For Litter Box Easy Clean Traps Litter

Focuspet cat litter mat is a must-have accessory for your favorite felineDual-structure mat prevents your kitty litter from being tracked everywhere at the first step on the upper surface the rectangle upper mat meets the footprints of your cat softly with taking the dirt down to the lower mat Then fallen litters remain on the lower mat stably

  • X1f63b large cat litter mat 30 x 22 cat litter mat makes your home to keep clean all day set you free from constantly collecting scattered cat litter and urine. big on size means small on mess leaves a wider border around the cat litter tray to capture flying grit. large and deep holes trap litter from box and cat paws enjoy a litter free home saving your unnecessary cleaning time.
  • X1f63b double layer structure our cat litter mat has two layers the upper layer is designed with honeycomb hole anti slip waterproof bottom layer keeps urine off the floor to keep your floor clean. the cat litter and refuse will fall into the honeycomb pore which prevents the cat away from the litter and refuse. raised points on the surface make the mat skidproof and wearable. besides your cat will like the texture his claws wont get stuck and it is soft to touch.
  • X1f63b waterproof base made of ultra lightweight durable and eco friendly eva foam rubber ideal for sensitive kitties kittens. the cat litter mat is designed with tpe rubber and in unique hexagonal design which makes the bottom layer waterproof and non slip doesnt make your cats paws uncomfortable like other mats. prevent urine from soaking in the bottom layer keep your floor dry all the time and save a lot of cleaning time.
  • X1f63b easy to clean ultra lightweight and water resistant plastic material is super easy to clean. easy open edge allows for easy cleaning under sink head shower head or shake off. also the edge is sewn that allows for easy dumping simply pour out litter or dump it back into litter box saves money. there are three methods to clean the mat up tip and pour hose dirt off and use the vacuum is okay. and its good as new.
  • X1f63b safe for your pets made from lightweight durable non toxic water proof tpe rubber soft and taste fresh tpe rubber will not hurt you cats paw. if you have any questions with the cat litter mat please contact us we will solve your problems within 24 hours. and we will provide you a better after sales service and longer product protection which up to 2 years click add to basket now

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5. Door Buddy Adjustable Door Strap & Latch. Easy Way To Dog Proof Litter Box. No More Pet Gates Or Cat Doors. Convenient Cat & Adult Entry. No Tools Installation. Stop Dog Eating Cat Poop! (Caramel)

Are you tired of catching your dog nose deep in the litter box snacking on kitty poop? Fed-up with your dog gobbling up the entire bowl of cat food or harassing the cat all day long? Make life easier with Door Buddy! The innovative adjustable door strap that holds your door in a slightly open position allowing cats to easily enter and exit the room as they want while dogs (if slightly larger than cat) cannot fit through and are therefore kept out! Don't buy a complicated pet gate, cut a hole in your door, or spend your entire paycheck on some special end table with a built in hidden litter box that you know your cat is not going to use! We invented Door Buddy to give pet owners a simple, affordable, and effective way to keep their dog out and let their cat in! Perfect for the laundry room, bathroom, closet, cat's favorite hangout room or any room in the house that has a door! Compatible with all types of doors from bi-fold doors to pocket doors and even double doors! Top Product Features: Installs in seconds with no tools needed

  • Door buddy this simple door latch that will keep your dog if slightly larger than cat out of the room with the cat food and litter box while still allowing your cat to have easy access.
  • Simpler alternative door buddy may be simple but it works why struggle with pet gates that are bulky and cumbersome to use why cut a permanent hole in your door to install an interior cat door why force your cat to jump into and use a top entry litter box that may make her feel trapped try door buddy first and see for yourself why our customers love it so much
  • Installs in seconds and is easy to use just peel and stick to the door and door frame using the strong 3m adhesive 2 extras included. the simple lock and unlock latch allows you to use it from either side of the door giving you quick and convenient access to the room.
  • Adjustable and customizable use the adjuster on the strap to make the width of the door opening wider or narrower to work with the exact sizes of your cat and dog. you can even alter the position where you stick the plastic pieces to make it further customizable. or install on the back of the door to make it stronger especially for larger and more persistent dogs. compatible with all types of doors from bi fold doors to pocket doors and even double doors
  • How does it work door buddy allows the door to any interior room to open just wide enough so cats can easily enter or exit but at the same time keep it narrow enough so dogs if slightly larger than cat cannot get in. sometimes keeping the peace in a household with both cats and dogs can be frustrating and a challenge. door buddy provides an easier and less cumbersome way to give cats a space of their own.

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6. Cat Litter Box Furniture in Beige Carpet Large Cat Litter Box with Cover

Stylish yet functional, our Large Cat Litter Box Furniture in beige carpet is an excellent enclosed litter box for the cats at your home Keep unwanted sights and smells contained in an attractive container Fully carpeted, the cat litter box doubles as a cat bed or perch with plenty of carpet covering the exterior

  • Overall size 20w x 33d x 20h inside 17w x 30d x 16h
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Stylish yet functional large cat litter box furniture
  • Five colors available beige brown blue gray and green. check the other colors here
  • Carpet color shades may vary

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7. Penn Plax CATFF2 Catwalk Privacy Please Litter Cabinet

The cat walk privacy please litter cabinet features beautiful hardwood laminate throughout and includes a port hole for your cat to enter and exit through, as well as large French doors in front to make cleaning a breeze! a specially designed litter pan is also included

  • Elegant modern design
  • Double french doors open wide for easy cleaning
  • Beautiful hardwood laminate throughout
  • Includes litter pan
  • Easy to assemble

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8. Easyology Cat Litter Mat for Large Litter Box - Patented Woven Fibers Trap 37% More - Waterproof Rubber Bottomed Litter Box Mat - Litter Trapper/Catcher Pad for Sensitive Paws

Large litter mats are tough to find online, especially if you're unsure of the size Easyology Large Cat Litter Mats are a generous 18" x 24," & trap 37% more litter than regular mats Click ADD TO CART now to Clean Less & Trap More today LARGE LITTER MATS FOR Cat Mats for Litter Box (large) Staying in place on linoleum pantry floors Protecting carpets from tracked litter with Paw-Wiping woven fibers Allowing room for a litter box & enough surrounding border to catch spills WILL CATS WALK ON IT? Yes, in fact we guarantee they will or we'll send you a full refund

  • Keeps 37 more litter off the floor ... the patent pending pattern material traps 37 more mess than regular cat litter box mats. clean less trap more.
  • Paw wiping woven fibers ... leave the mess on the mat... not your floor. the strategically woven fibers wipe cats paws clean as they walk away.
  • Rubber backing protects floors ... without discoloration. it also stops the mat from moving around on hardwood or laminate which can lead to scratching damage over time.
  • Toxin free kitty safe ... none of that suspect chemical smell business... easyology cat litter mats are free of bpa phthalates toxic chemicals keeping sensitive kitties safe healthy.
  • Your cat loves the texture guaranteed ... we understand cats avoid walking on certain textures consequently... dont use their litter box we guarantee your cat walks on this mat or your money back.

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9. Designer Catbox Jumbo Litter Box Enclosure in Black

For those of us that have some big and tall furry friends, look no further! The Jumbo Designer Catbox is the larger version of our bestselling Designer Catbox With extra interior height and added width, the Jumbo Designer Catbox looks like an elegant piece of furniture and is a stylish addition to any home while cleverly hiding the litter pan

  • Perfect for those big and tall cats in your life size of the jumbo designer catbox 29.9 length by 22.8 width by 24.6 height
  • Exterior entrance hole can be set up on right or left side to keep it hidden from view.
  • Easy cleaning from the top double safety hinges hold up lid and litter stays contained.
  • Removable interior panel and staggered entrance holes prevents litter from being kicked onto the floor.
  • Designed to hold most jumbo or giant litter pans. the space for the litter pan is 22.5 length x 17 width. some brands that carry a litter pan that will fit are arm hammer petmate vanness doskocil so phresh pet champion and grreat choice.

10. Paws & Pals Cat Litter Mat 30" x 23" Inch Jumbo Large Size Non Slip Litter Trap Pad Litter Boxes - Gray

Eliminate the need to constantly sweep and clean the floor every time your cat uses the restroom, with the Cat Litter Mat from Paws & Pals Dirt and sand from the litter box make a habit of spreading everywhere, and your cat will certainly leave a trail of litter, but not anymore! Just place the litter box on top of the dual layered mat, and watch as the hallow ridges comfortably spread your cat's paws, which greatly reduce scatter and trap excess litter

  • Dimensions 30l x 23w x 0.5h.
  • Secure the cat litter mat utilizes non slip materials to keep the litterbox in place and your pet safe.
  • Durable constructed from sturdy materials the kitty litter mat will withstand chewing clawing tearing liquids and any other type of destruction your kitten may try.
  • Double layered it features two 2 distinct layers and uses hallow ridges to comfortably spread your cats paws and trap excess litter. the mat uses velcro strips to hold the two layers together.
  • Easy to clean the litter mat features a simple design that makes cleaning dirt and liquid an incredibly simple process. just shake the mat and then wipe away or vacuum any remaining dirt sand litter and waste.