Best Electronic paintball guns To Buy In 2020

There is always a perfect best electronic paintball guns out there in the market for you. However, you may not have the time and resources to try and research each of them in detail. So we’ve done the heavy lifting and are sharing below our detailed review of Top 10 best electronic paintball guns. Among the products, our top choice is Tippmann X7 Phenom Electro Paintball Marker on Amazon.

We spent 54 hours to look for top-rated products in this category and have compiled the following list. If you are looking for the best electronic paintball guns, our top recommendation for you is Tippmann X7 Phenom Electro Paintball Marker, which comes with amazing features you’ve never expected before! It is absolutely the best electronic paintball guns available in the market today. However, if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend big on best electronic paintball guns, you may want to consider D3FY Sports D3S Paintball Electronic Marker Gun - Black / Teal which is an economic option and still comes with all the basic features one would expect in best electronic paintball guns.

10 Best Electronic paintball guns

Best Electronic paintball guns

1. Tippmann X7 Phenom Electro Paintball Marker

When you’re serious about the look of your gear and even more serious about performance, the Tippmann X7 Phenom is the preferred choice The X7 Phenom 68 caliber marker features Picatinny rails to easily add sights, handles or other accessories It comes with a modular foregrip, removable front & rear sights, and quick release magazine with built-in tool storage

  • Three position selector switch
  • Military style marker that can be customized to over a 1000 different looks including m 16 mp5 mp5 sd g36 ak 47 ump and assault versions
  • Three position selector switch changes from electronic to mechanical operation on the fly
  • Flexvalve technology allows operation under 300psi reduces recoil and improves air efficiency
  • Magnetically activated hall effect electronic trigger provides 5 firing modes including safety full auto nppl psp response and semi auto
  • Cyclone feed system feeds 15 balls per second without batteries

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2. D3FY Sports D3S Paintball Electronic Marker Gun - Black / Teal

D3FY Sports D3S Paintball GunThis D3FY paintball marker has been designed to perform at a high-end level without a high-end price tag The D3S is made of an aluminum construction with a polyvinyl chloride outer body shell (Rhyno Skin) body cover The Marker features our F2 Bolt engine, which incorporates the spool-bolt and regulator in one piece allowing for low operating pressures between 150 and 160 psi

  • Autococker threads
  • F2 bolt engine
  • Lower pressure operation
  • 4 modes of fire semi full auto psp ramp 3 shot burst
  • Anti chop eye system

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3. Dye Rize Paintball Marker - Red Dust

DYE's Proto Rize is packed with features The new Rize Fusion bolt, Precision True Bore Proto 1pc barrel, proven Hyper 3 reg, newly redesigned Proto solenoid, and clamping feed neck give the Rize the performance of a high end marker  Comfort is not sacrificed for performance with the Rize The UL 45 frame, dual density sticky grips, no slip reg sleeve, adjustable aluminum trigger, and low profile balanced design lets you naturally control and aim the Rize with all day comfort

  • Patented ul hourglass trigger frame with electronic operation and 4 tournament firing modes.
  • Patented self cleaning dye m2 eye pipe with integrated ball detents.
  • Famous industry leading trademarked dye sticky grips.
  • Patented fusion bolt spool valve technology.
  • Precision true bore proto one piece barrel.

4. Tippmann Cronus CQB Paintball Gun with Electronic Red Dot Sight and Hopper

SPECIAL TRADEMYGUN CQB (Close Quarter Battle) UPGRADE - Electronic Quick Aim Red Dot Sight (battery included) that allows you to quickly find your target and increase your "kill" ratio on the field! We also provide a durable 200 round hopper/loader to help you carry the ammo you need out on the battle field

  • Tippmann cronus cqb marker
  • Tactical semi automatic .68 caliber paintball marker
  • Cqb design
  • Includes 200 round hopper
  • Electronic red dot sight

5. Empire Paintball Slice G36 Paintball Marker

Take a good look at the newest Empire BT marker and you'll see something familiar If you've played COD or watched action movies then you already know all about the G36 We borrowed another page out of the H&K book to create a new look for the awesome Slice marker A top carry rail with full Picatinny is perfect for adding a red dot to hit your target

  • Authentic hk g36 styling
  • Slice hinged body system opens for easy maintenance with front and rear fold down sights
  • Tool less field stripping and folding stock perfect for close quarters battle
  • Top picatinny rail for carry or accessories
  • Apex ready barrel and drop in upgrade for electronic grip

6. Cronus Tactical Tippmann Paintball Gun with Electronic Quick Aim Red Dot Sight

SPECIAL TRADEMYGUN UPGRADE - Electronic Quick Aim Red Dot Sight that allows you to quickly find your target and increase your "kill" ratio on the field! The new Tippmann Cronus Tactical combines high performance with incredible durability in a milsim body The Cronus features our reliable in-line bolt system in a high-impact composite body with soft over molded rubber grips

  • Tactical cronus with red dot
  • Includes electronic red dot sight
  • High performance ported barrel
  • 6 position collapsible stock vertical grip carry handle with integrated sight
  • Internal gas line

7. MAddog Spyder Fenix Expert Paintball Gun Package - Blue

The Spyder Fenix marker remains a best seller from Spyder for its sleak design and professional performance Elevate your game! The Spyder fenix is a great entry level electronic gun for those of us who don't want to break the bank Includes patent pending EKO valve technology for 1600+ shots from a 20 oz co2 tank, but is also compatible with HPA or compressed air for the best paintball experience

  • Kingman spyder fenix expert paintball gun package
  • 25 bps 3 firing modes semi auto ramp psp ramp millennium
  • Expert paintball gun package includes 483000 compressed air tank shipped empty maddog 4 pod paintball harness
  • Anti fog paintball mask 4 140 round pods empire halo too electronic paintball hopper 20 bps
  • Leap ii circuit board w rear facing color access mode display break beam eye anti chop system

8. MAddog Azodin Blitz 3 Bronze Paintball Gun Package - Blue

The Blitz 3 is the lightest and most rugged Blitz Azodin has ever produced It is a more focused marker than its predecessor and promises an unrivaled experience With a new compact regulator and screw-lock feedneck that meshes with its aggressive milling The Blitz 3 is a union of form and function that is better in every measure

  • Azodin blitz 3 bronze paintball gun package
  • Streamline design durable construction lightweight new feather regulator user friendly
  • Scythe trigger zen board mass flow valve low profile lock feedneck
  • Package includes anti fog paintball mask 20 oz. co2 tank
  • Jerk paintball barrel squeegee a 200 round hopper

9. Empire Invert AXE Paintball Gun Marker - Dust Green and Black

Empire Axe Paintball Marker GunWhat do you need to cut through a forest of opposition� the Axe The new Empire Axe is a Mini on steroids; bigger, badder and willing to punish opponents The new shape and extended grip frame give you a comfortable firing position for all day play The Empire Relay On/Off Regulator ASA makes air bottle removal using the lever, quick and easy

  • Unique push button bolt removal system for easy maintenance
  • New 2016 color scheme dust green and black
  • Empire relay regulatorasa with onoff lever makes tank removal a breeze
  • Extended grip frame and new grip for increased comfort
  • Multiple adjustable firing modes semi psp ramping nxl millennium ramping

10. Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker (Black)

Continuing the tradition that has made Spyder the leader in entry to mid level paintball for 20 years, the new 2012 Fenix electronic marker brings you all the features of the most expensive e-markers PLUS the patent pending Eko Valve found ONLY in Spyder markers While reducing the cost to play and preserving the environment the Eko Valve delivers an amazing average of 1600 shots per 20 oz CO2 tank compared to the standard 800 shots from standard markers without this technology

  • Air efficient eko valve system patent pending shoots up to 1600 shots from a 20 oz co2 tank synergy engineering low pressure dual air source system
  • Overall profile 25 percent lighter and 15 percent shorter 25 bps rate of fire 3 modes of operation semi auto ramp psp and ramp millennium
  • Leap ii circuit board with rear facing color access mode display camd break beam eye anti chop system
  • 3 way adjustable magnetic response saber trigger recessed dual texture grip panels high impact polymer trigger frame
  • Fast charge adjustable inline regulator standard thread ca vertical adapter external velocity adjuster all aluminum constructed body compatible with a spyder 9.6v rechargeable battery or a premium 9v alkaline battery not included.