Best hdmi switcher with ir remotes Our Top Picks 2020

In this best hdmi switcher with ir remotes product guide, we’ll help you make a more informed decision and select the product with the benefits you need. Among the products, our top choice is Fosmon HD1832 Intelligent 5x1 5-Port HDMI Switch/Switcher with IR Remote and 1.5 Meter USB Power Cab on Amazon.

We spent 75 hours to look for top-rated products in this category and have compiled the following list. If you are looking for the best hdmi switcher with ir remotes, our top recommendation for you is Fosmon HD1832 Intelligent 5x1 5-Port HDMI Switch/Switcher with IR Remote and 1.5 Meter USB Power Cab, which comes with amazing features you’ve never expected before! It is absolutely the best hdmi switcher with ir remotes available in the market today. However, if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend big on best hdmi switcher with ir remotes, you may want to consider Zettaguard 4K x 2K 4 Port 4 x 1 HDMI Switch with PIP and IR Wireless Remote Control which is an economic option and still comes with all the basic features one would expect in best hdmi switcher with ir remotes.

10 Best hdmi switcher with ir remotes

Best hdmi switcher with ir remotes

1. Fosmon HD1832 Intelligent 5x1 5-Port HDMI Switch/Switcher with IR Remote and 1.5 Meter USB Power Cable (Supports 3D)

HDMI Supported Features Up to 1080p, HDCP 10/11, 12-bit Deep Color, 3D, and uncompressed/compressed audio formats are some of the newer HDMI features supported on this switchOptionally Powered from Connected Devices No power adapter is necessary to make this switch work, as long as the connected devices supply sufficient power

  • Works well with computers laptops blu ray players cable boxes ps3ps4 xbox 360one wii u nintendo switch chromecast etc.
  • Hdmi inputs and 1 hdmi output
  • Up to 1080p support
  • Supports 3d hd audio deep color
  • Gold plated ports resist corrosion and reduces tarnish and hdcp compliant

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2. Zettaguard 4K x 2K 4 Port 4 x 1 HDMI Switch with PIP and IR Wireless Remote Control

Switch seamlessly between devices with the Zettaguard 4K x 2K 4 Port High-Speed 4 x 1 HDMI Switch with PIP (Picture in Picture) and IR Wireless Remote Control Use the HDMI switch to connect your game consoles, laptop, desktop, and other HDMI-compatible devices to your high definition television It supports the latest generation of HD resolutions, which includes 1080p, 3D, and 4K

  • Connects up to 4 hdmi source components to a single hdmi input switches between hdmi ports with included remote for impressive picture quality
  • Supports video format up to 4k2k60hz with 24bit rgbycbcr 444ycbcr 422 supports lpcm 7.1ch dolby trued and dts hd master audio
  • Compatible with most hdmi source components including blu ray disc players dvd players digital cable and satellite boxes gaming consoles and digital media players.
  • Hdcp v2.2 compatibility to prevent copying of digital audio and video content as it travels across connections. it allows you to remotely select the source.
  • Pip picture in picture feature allows you to easily make transitions to one device to another with a push of a button

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3. HDMI Switch 4K

Ran out of HDMI ports on your HDTV/monitor/projector? What a mess of cables? Gana's 3x1 HDMI switch with infrared remote control will take care of these problems It has 3 HDMI input sources to switch at ease with the infrared remote control in a distance away A button to manually switch between the 3 sources is also built-in

  • 3 input ports expand the capabilities of your hdtv connect up to 3 hdmi compatible devices for seamless transitions.
  • 4k resolution supported this updated hdmi switch can transmit video of 4k 30hz hdcp 1.4 deep color and 3d as well.
  • Remote control switch easily between devices by using infrared remote control while sitting in your sofa or lying in bed.
  • Wide range compatibility with 5v power port and usb power cableincluded gana hdmi switches are compatible with nintendo switch blue ray ps4 ps3 xbox hd dvd sky stb xbo360 and most of the other audio and video devices.
  • Package include 1 hdmi switch infrared receiver remote control 1usb power cable

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4. 4K@60Hz HDMI Switch 5x1 Awakelion Premium 5 in 1 Out 4K HDMI Switch with IR Remote Support Auto-Switch

****Awakelion**** Enjoy the vivid world Enjoy the UHD Video & HQ Audio Life Awakelion is committed to provides high quality HDMI devices and accessories Our series of HDMI converters,switchers,extenders,matrixes and splitters are designed to make your A/V device use more convenient,more comfortable,more productive and more cost-efficient

  • 4k ultra hd 5 in1 out this hdmi switch connects up to 5 uhd hdmi sources gaming console dvd player laptop blue ray etc.. to 1 ultra hdtv. it support hdcp 2.2 4k 60hz 444 full hd uhd deep color to 36bit.also backward compatible with full hd 1080p devices.
  • high resolution supports 4k resolution 60 hz 4 4 4 signal hdr video source also switched. 4k2k maximum 4096 2160 corresponding to input and output of 60 hz video. no more distorted sound and video transmissions. back compatible with 4k30hz and 1080p.hdmi pass through switch supports hdcp 2.2 and also supports hdcp 1.4 too.
  • Intelligent auto switchautomatic switching of ports when the equipment is turned on. when the power of the hdmi equipment turns on the automatic switching function which the selected port automatically switches is adopted. an ac adapter is attached to this product. and it jump over to the next active input source automatically when the current one is powered off. the hdmi switcher automatically switches to the last selected source input when restart.
  • Wide compatibilitythis hdmi switch works with all hdmi integrated devices this hdmi switch box can connect the computer blu ray player dvd player av receiver apple tv roku streaming media player tv box play station 34 xbox one360 nintendo wii or other hdmi compatible devices to your ultra 4k tv uhd tv hdtv monitor display or projector with a big screen.
  • Technical support available we are manufactory which specialized in hdmi solutions for yearsif you have any issue with this productsplease feel free to let us know and we will try our best to resolve.

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5. HDMI Switch 4k HDMI Splitter-Techole Aluminum HDMI Switch 3 in 1 Out

  • Hdmi switch 3 in 1 out 4k techole aluminum hdmi switch splitter easily streams video and audio from 3 hdmi devices to 1 hdmi display creating a superb picture quality and seamless sound. no lag no flash or drop in resolution
  • premium structure features techole hdmi switch box sports an advanced and anti corrosion aluminum construction that wont overheat or break is safer and more durable and can be used for longer at home school office etc.
  • remote control for easy switching this hdmi switch comes with a built in ir remote control and manual switch making it easier to install and save space you can effortlessly swap hdmi channels from your couch or bed from up to 15 ft without needing to get out from your comfortable zoon.
  • crisp 4k image techole hdmi switch 3 in 1 out 4k60hz hdr 2k1080p 60hz 1080p30hz 3d hdcp 1.4 and dolby true hddts hd audio. does not support pip function will not bypass hdcp note to get 4k3d video all units connected to the switch outputs must support 4k3d.
  • widely compatible hdmi splitter switcher works flawlessly with most home devices including xbox ps4 nintendo switch wii blu ray and dvd players apple tv roku stick fire stick computers etc. just connect your hdmi devices and the usb charging cable usb plug not included and enhance your home theater experience with high resolution video and audio

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6. TOTU HDMI Switch 4 Ports (4 x 1) 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0 Switcher with IR Remote Control Support HDR & HDCP 2.2 Pass-Through & 3D &Full HD 1080P

TOTU 4 in 1 HDMI Switch is designed to expand your HDTV port to 4 HDMI inputs, allowing you to connect four HDMI source components to one HD display with a single cable Avoid frequently plugging and unplugging when changing source devices Instead you can seamlessly switch between games and movies without any interruption

  • 4 in 1 hdmi switch totu hdmi 4 in 1 switch connects up to 4 hdmi source components to one hd display solving your multiple hdmi devices issue. seamlessly switch between games tv desktop etc. easy to install and use plug and play. note it is hdmi switch not hdmi splitter and it can only support 4 in 1 out but not support 1 in 4 out.
  • Latest v2.0 hdmi switch the hdmi switcher supports 4k60hz maximum 3840 x 2160 resolution and full hd 1080p 720p hdr 3d hdcp 2.2 pass through deep color of up to 36 bit. hdmi channel bandwidth of up to 18 gbps. compatible with hdmi v1.4 v1.3 v1.2 and v1.0. high speed and stable transmission of high definition video signals with smooth and undistorted picture quality. providing you a visual feast and amazing gaming experience.
  • Wide compatibility hdmi switch with remote supports most devices with hdmi interfaces such as amazon fire tv apple tv macbook vcd and dvd player blu ray players ps3ps4 xbox 360one roku and other hdmi capable devices.
  • Smart multi switch method it will auto switch to current active ports when only one input is active. at the same time totu hdmi switcher also supports manual select input sources through a built in button or use of ir remote controller without having to get up from your seat.
  • Efficient customer service totu 4 in 1 hdmi switcher is easy to install and operate plug play. if you have any question about the product feel free to contact us we will provide the fastest and most efficient service within 24 hours.

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7. Kinivo 550BN 4K HDMI Switch with IR Wireless Remote (5 Port

The Kinivo 550BN Premium 4K 60Hz HDMI Switch allows you to connect up to 5 devices to a single HDTV or projector to streamline and organize your home theater setup Connect Blu-ray players, gaming console, streaming media devices, and computers to your HDTV or projector to enjoy audio and video with stunning resolutions up to 4K@60Hz

  • Connect five hdmi input devices e.g. gaming console dvd player streaming devices etc.. to a single output display hdtv helping reduce clutter from wires being fed into your hdtv
  • Experience your favorite media through advanced crystal clear true 4k 60hz resolution hdr dolby vision and immersive 3d content supports 1080p as well
  • Can switch automatically based on active input allowing you to enjoy your media instantly without the fuss of setting up. manual switching can be done by ir remote. not all devices support auto switching for eg. apple tv xbox oneps4 roku etc
  • Efficient heat dissipation through hybrid aluminium body and convenient design with all hdmi ports on the back
  • Two year warranty with lifetime us based customer support

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8. FERRISA 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch

The HDMI Matrix Switch 4x2 can connect 4 HD signal sources to 2 HD display terminals with optical fiber or stereo headphone output It allows four HDMI devices to be switched or split easily to two HDMI compatible monitors or projectors And any output port can realize independent audio output by optical fiber or stereo headphone

  • 4 in 2 out matrixthis hdmi matrix can connect up to 4 hd source to 2 hdmi display terminals with optical fiber or stereo headphone outputit allows four hdmi devices to be switched or split easily to two hdmi compatible monitors or projectors.ideal solution for home theater office school conference room shopping mall hotel or museum
  • High resolutionsupports a multitude of video resolutions including 4k x 2k 1080p ultra hd 3d hd audio and etc.supports 81012 bit deep color. support hdmi 1.4b and hdcp2.2support 3.4gbps x3 data rate and tmds clock up to 340mhz
  • Audio splitedidsupports lpcmdolbydts 5.1 channel and smart edid management.any input hd source can do audio extract by the spdif or 3.5mm headphone audio output port separately or at the same time.built in ir sensor comes with a handy intuitive remote control that makes switching inputsit can do also switch by press button. note aaa battery neededand pls confirm your audio format is correct
  • Premium qualitythis 4x2 hdmi matrix contains in built automatic equalization and amplification to ensure optimum transmission without loss in videoaudio is embedded with esd protectionand has been passed thousands of hours of tests under different and sophisticated applications which include security systems outdoor advertising screens broadcasting stations and public theaters etc
  • Liftime warrantywe guarantee you a 1 year money back zero risk purchase.if you have any questions just contact us via amazon or atusbaierfenfoxmail.comyour issues is our biggest concern

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9. 4K HDR HDMI Switch

KOOPMAN 4 Ports 4K@60Hz HDR HDMI Switcher Selector is your Perfect choice for video and audio signals in 4kx2k @ 60Hz quality with lossless transmission How to switch? 1IR Remote Switch: HDMI switch with remote lets you easily control HDMI switcher (turn on/turn off, switch signals) within 23ft, switch the HDMI sources without leaving your comfortable sofa

  • 4 inputs 1 output 4k60hz hdmi switches this 4 port hdmi switch supports hdr10 hdcp 2.2also backward compatible with hdcp 1.4 1.3 supports hdmi 2.0argb 444 36bit per channel deep color hdmi splitter selector supports 4k60hz resolution mhl function with led indication function.
  • Uhd high resolution and quality koopman hdmi switch box supports ultra hd 4k x 2k60hz resolution compatible with all lower resolution 4k30hz full hd 1080p full 3d 1080p 720p and more.
  • Auto switch with remote control it will automatically skip to the next port with a viable signal input it will automatically skip to the most recently inserted hdmi signal source. manual switching can be done by wireless ir remote.
  • Wide compatibility koopman 4 ports 4k hdr hdmi switch works with all hdmi integrated devices such as ps344 pro x box one dvdblu ray dvd pcnotebook macbook stb roku tvfire tvother apple and sony devices with hdmi port.
  • What you getkoopman premium x1 hdmi switchx1 5v dc power adaptor x1 remote control x1user manual x1 24 month no hassle money back guarantee and lifetime customer technical support via

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10. 4K HDMI Switch 3-Port 3x1 4K 60Hz HDMI Switch Box Support【4K/HD/3D/1080P】 with IR Remote【Auto Switch & High Speed (Max to 18.5Gbps)】 HDMI2.0/HDCP2.2 HDMI Splitter for TV/PC/Blu-Ray Player/DVD/Xbox

Are you sick of constantly swapping out different HDMI cables? Maybe you've got a gaming console, TV box, and computer all hooked up to one TV? -Well, you can prevent this nuisance from occurring by using AVHACK 3 Ports HDMI switch AVHACK 3 Port HDMI Switch is a 3x1 Automative HDMI switcher selector with IR Wireless Remote for your gaming or home theater setup

  • Easyily switch between 3 inputs expand the capabilities of your hdtv connect up to 3 hdmi compatible devices for seamless transitions. simply switch 3 hdmi sources by ir remote control or physical switch button to a single display reduce the mess of cable connection on your tv. compatible with latest hdmi version hdmi 2.0 and hdcp 2.2. 24k gold plated anticorrosive hdmi input and output reduces tarnish and increase transmission performance.
  • Plug and play extremely easy to set up plug and play. if more than one inputs are active you can manually select input sources by built in switch button or use ir remote control without having to get up from your seat.
  • High resolution wide compatibility supports a multitude of video resolutions including 4k x 2k 1080p ultra hd 3d full hd audio and etc. no loss of quality after you split the signal. no degradation in audio quality. works with hdtvs blu ray players ps3ps4 nintendo switch playstation xbox amazon fire tv and stick appletv roku and most of the hdmi capable devices.
  • Lifetime warranty package we guarantee lifetime warranty to ensure our customer zero risk purchasing.. if you meet any problems with the product do not hesitate to contact us. we try our best to make you 100 satisfaction. package include 1 x 3 port hdmi switch 1 x 5v1a dc adaptor 1 x ir wireless remote control 1 x user manual. tips the hdmi switch will not allow auto switch to ps4xbox due to current protection principle.
  • High speed no distortion transmission for each port this hdmi switch offers 10bit deep color per channel 30bit across all channels high speed transmission without lag no loss of picture and sound quality. provide high bandwidth 18.5gbps data transmission input and output awg26 hdmi standard cable length could reach up to 5 meters. perfect design of metal outside shell strong anti interference ability good heat dissipation of hdmi switch offer low power consumption.

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