Best Hybrid water heaters Our Top Picks 2021

Choosing the best hybrid water heatersmay be challenging as you have to screen through the large amount of similar products available on the market. Don’t worry though; we have got our hands on 10 trendy and top rated products and below is our recommendation. Among the products, our top choice is Westinghouse 80 Gal. Lifetime 4500-Watt Electric Water Heater with Durable 316 l Stainless Steel Tan on Amazon.

We spent 89 hours to look for top-rated products in this category and have compiled the following list. If you are looking for the best hybrid water heaters, our top recommendation for you is Westinghouse 80 Gal. Lifetime 4500-Watt Electric Water Heater with Durable 316 l Stainless Steel Tan, which comes with amazing features you’ve never expected before! It is absolutely the best hybrid water heaters available in the market today. However, if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend big on best hybrid water heaters, you may want to consider US Energy Products Nasa Tech Heavy Duty Reflective Foam Core Non Fiberglass 80 Gallon Water Heater T which is an economic option and still comes with all the basic features one would expect in best hybrid water heaters.

10 Best Hybrid water heaters

Best Hybrid water heaters

1. Westinghouse 80 Gal. Lifetime 4500-Watt Electric Water Heater with Durable 316 l Stainless Steel Tank

The Westinghouse high-efficiency electric water heater has high recovery rates, low standby heat losses and features an aesthetically pleasing faux stainless steel exterior The 316L stainless steel inner tank offers superior corrosion resistance, is laser welded for precision and has a limited lifetime warranty when registered online

  • Offers plentiful hot water without excessive energy consumption
  • 240 volt connection required for installation
  • Laser welded 316 l stainless steel tank resists corrosion
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 98 thermal efficiency

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2. US Energy Products Nasa Tech Heavy Duty Reflective Foam Core Non Fiberglass 80 Gallon Water Heater Tank Insulation Wrap

Saves up to 20% of your Water Heating Energy bills, adds R-7 to tank performance Lightweight and Easy to Install, Fits Most Gas, Oil and Electric Hot Water Heaters for a 80 Gallon tank, Kit Includes Spacers, Foil Tape and Insulation Hypo-Allergenic Kit, Indoor Air Quality Rated and Non Toxic, No Skin, Eyes or Throat Irritation Passes Stringent California Water Heater Insulation Fire Test, Class1, Class A Fire Rated Increases Recovery Rate of Tank During Cycles, mold and mildew resistant unaffected by humidity and moisture

  • Save money energy and help the environment save 2x more with our product reflective foam core insulation
  • 14 thicj double bubble reflective insulation compare to other reflective insulation jackets that are 18 thick
  • R value 8.5 reduce heat loss by 40 recover your investment in a few month
  • Fits all 40 to 80 gallon tanks fits gas or electric water heater non fiberglass
  • Made in usa ships froms usa

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3. 50 Gallon Voltex Residential Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater (6 Yr. Warranty)

The Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump reduces water heating cost by up to 71% through an innovative design that pulls environmental heat while dehumidifying and cooling the ambient air at the same time The FPTU-50 uses heat pump technology to deliver tremendous savings, by generating heat through the heat pump technology instead of the heating elements

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    4. 80 Gallon Voltex Residential Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

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      5. 66 Gallon Voltex Residential Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

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        6. Sio Green IR288 POU Electric Tankless Water Heater - Infrared Tank-Less Instant Hot Water Heater - Cost Effective & Corrosion-Free - No Lime Scale

        Did You Know That A Tank Less Electric Water Heater Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars In The Long Run? Looking for a cost-effective, practical and heavy-duty hot water heater for your home? Want to cut down on maintenance costs and enjoy hot water anytime you need it? Why settle for cheaply-made tank-less water heaters, when you can have the smartest and most innovative tankless electric heater? Introducing The Sio Green IR260 Electric Tankless Water Heater! If you are building a new home or renovating your house, then you need to consider a budget-friendly alternative to all those water heaters that require thousands of dollars in maintenance each year

        • Hot water anytime you want without any hassle the sio green best premium mini tankless water heater point of use is here to help you enjoy your hot shower or wash the dishes with warm water anytime you want without any fuss. the infrared heating design will use 110 volt or 220 volt and heat only the water you use with high temp thus allowing you to save time and money
        • Patented technology no coil metallic elements no corrosion no maintenance thats right our tankless hot water electric heater will create heat without direct contact with metals which will in turn prevent corrosion limescale deposit and calcium buildup. as a result you will have to spend 0 on maintenance no replacement parts no filter required.
        • 100 satisfaction or your money back thats our unconditional guarantee if you are not 100 satisfied with your budget friendly space saving and ultra practical tankless water heater within 5 years we will offer you a free replacement. no questions asked what are you waiting for get yours now while supplies last
        • Save your bathroom or kitchen space with our compact water heater with less than 20 inch length which is not only ideal for small bathrooms storage kitchens sink rv or cabinets but can be also whole house residential commercial. the ergonomic size and simple yet innovative construction will allow you to install it almost anywhere or use it as a booster hybrid with your tank including hotels stores or restaurants deliverying endless gallon of hot water on demand.
        • Adjust it to your exact needs effortlessly our electric tankless hot water heater features automatic power technology and manual mode so you can easily tailor its performance to your familys needs. holding down the power button to switch between auto and manual mode. adjust the current from 10a 40a resulting in 1.5 kw to 9.0 kw of power which is ideal for any home application. plus you can easily adjust the temperature using the water flow regulator included in the packaging.

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        7. Stiebel Eltron ACC300 Accelera 300 Electric Water Heater

        The Stiebel Eltron Accelera 300 is a heat pump water heater that operates on either 240 or 208 volts For every 1 watt used it produces the same amount of 35 watts of hot water The 80 gallon tank design will give you 50 gallons of uninterrupted hot water before it needs to activate the builtin backup heating element

        • 80 gallon storage capacity
        • Reduces hot water costs by up to 80
        • Cools and dehumidifies the air around it
        • Sacrificial anode rod
        • 2.5 energy factor

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        8. Rheem EEWRA631EWH EcoNet WiFi Kit for Electric & Hybrid Water Heaters

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          9. HTP RGH-100F High-Efficiency Crossover Hybrid Water Heater

          The crossover residential/commercial floor water heater is a revolutionary product and was designed to be the most highly efficient affordable residential tank type product in the industry These models are energy star certified and combine the flow capacity of a 50 gallon tank type water heater with the continuous flow feature found in tankless water heaters

          • Extra thick insulation combined with small water volume storage result in very low standby loss
          • All stainless steel tank construction with integrated fire tube heat exchanger design
          • Preset for natural gas ships with liquid propane conversion kit
          • Air handler application combination heating dhw
          • High altitude compliant certified up to 10000 ft. above sea level

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          10. HTP RGH-199 Effiency High-Efficiency Crossover Hybrid 76

          The best of both a tank and tankless water heater combined into one superior unit The crossover wall allows you to enjoy the benefits of a high efficiency unit without surrendering your need for endless hot water and abundant water pressure The crossover design prevents spontaneous bursts of cold water, which are typical for most tankless water heaters

          • Advanced modulating 10 to 1 turndown ratio
          • Durable 316l stainless steel wup to 3.5 gallon fire tube heat exchanger
          • Available in lp and natural gas
          • Built in leak detector for gas
          • Air handler application combination heating and dhw

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