Best pocket holster for ruger lcrs Our Top Picks 2021

Are you looking for the Top 10 best pocket holster for ruger lcrs? Well, just grab a cup of coffee and read on! We are huge fans of best pocket holster for ruger lcrs and have done our comprehensive research here. Among the products, our top choice is Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster - Made in USA - Right Handed - Fits Most on Amazon.

We spent 71 hours to look for top-rated products in this category and have compiled the following list. If you are looking for the best pocket holster for ruger lcrs, our top recommendation for you is Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster - Made in USA - Right Handed - Fits Most , which comes with amazing features you’ve never expected before! It is absolutely the best pocket holster for ruger lcrs available in the market today. However, if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend big on best pocket holster for ruger lcrs, you may want to consider UTG 3.9" Ambidextrous Pocket Holster which is an economic option and still comes with all the basic features one would expect in best pocket holster for ruger lcrs.

10 Best pocket holster for ruger lcrs

Best pocket holster for ruger lcrs

1. Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster - Made in USA - Right Handed - Fits Most J Frame Revolvers - Ruger LCR - Smith & Wesson Body Guard - Taurus & Most .38 Special Type Guns

The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster by Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster offers classic American craftsmanship, combining function, comfort, and durability Hand made from genuine USA suede leather, The Ultimate Suede Leather Holster is the ultimate "inside the waist band" concealed carry holster

  • Handmade by american craftsmen from genuine usa suede leather american made with american pride no synthetic materials or cheap mass market production
  • Fits most j frame style revolver handguns charter arms rock island ruger lcr ruger sp101 smith and wesson 442 642 mp 340 bodyguard revolver taurus model 50 taurus model 85 most .38 special snub nose revolvers.
  • Backed by relentless tacticals lifetime warranty carry with confidence for the rest of your life.
  • Say no to cheap nylon holsters why settle for inferior nylon or imitation leather when you can have a genuine made in the usa suede leather holster with our complete lifetime warranty
  • Designed for optimum performance and maximum comfort sturdy dependable and form fitted for easy effective concealment and quick reliable access

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2. UTG 3.9" Ambidextrous Pocket Holster

UTG Professional Ambidextrous Open Top Pocket Holster for Sub Compact 9mm / 40 Autos, Ruger LCR or Similar, with Non-Slip Bands, Ultimate Pistol Protection and Side Pocket for Certificate, License, Cash or Cards, 39-Inch x 56-Inch in Size

  • Ambidextrous design
  • Front and back pocket storage
  • Non slip bands retain holster in your pocket with gun is drawn
  • Utg professional ambidextrous open top pocket holster for sub compact 9mm .40 autos ruger lcr or similar
  • With non slip bands ultimate pistol protection and side pocket for certificate license cash or cards
  • 3.9 x 5.6 in size

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3. LaserMax CenterFire Laser for Ruger LCR CF-LCR

An essential sighting tool for training, concealed carry, home defense, and backup use, the CF-LCR projects a bright red aiming point downrange – a perfect complement to the overall versatility, reliability, and simple operation of the Ruger LCR revolver or LCRX Rounded and blended to ensure a smooth draw, the CF-LCR mounts to the frame without permanent alteration and offers ambidextrous switching to accommodate both right and left-handed shooters

  • Custom designed to fit the ruger lcr lcrx revolver
  • Easily programmable for steady or high vis pulsed beam
  • Tough reinforced nylon design offers superior integration with firearm frame
  • 10 minute automatic time out prevents inadvertent battery drain
  • Ambidextrous tap ontap off switch reinforces safe firearm handling class iiia laser product 5mw power output
  • Class iiia laser 5mw power output

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4. ComfortTac Ultimate Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry Fits Glock 42

The Ultimate Ankle Holster Is The Most Comfortable Ankle Holster Available! If you need an ankle holster for your main or backup gun this is the one for you - High quality neoprene band is comfortable even when worn directly against your skin and it won't stretch out and lose it's shape or become flimsy like cheap elastic bands

  • Extremely comfortable we use a neoprene band that is comfortable even when worn against your skin unlike elastic bands. a foam pad behind the gun protects your ankle from pressure points. fits most duty guns including g30s g19 g26 g27 g42 and g43.
  • Fits wide range of guns our elastic holster fits a wide range of guns from micro pistols to subcompact compact and revolvers. best for any gun with an overall length under 6.5 will fit including .22 lr .380 9mm .40 sw .45 acp 10mm .38 spl and .357.
  • Fast silent draw the retention strap features a metal snap for a fast and quiet draw in any situation. no velcro to give away your position. perfect piece of gear for police military or civilians.
  • Flexible fit we offer two sizes a 15 band that will fit up to a 13 leg and a 17 band that will fit up to a 15 leg. if you plan to carry over your boots be sure to get the 17 band. see images for measuring tips. fits springfield xd xds kimber solo ultra sig sauer p229 p290 p938 mp shield and more.
  • Money back guarantee comforttac offers a 30 day buy and try money back guarantee. you can buy the ultimate ankle holster and use it for up to 30 days. if you are not 100 satisfied simply return it for a refund.

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5. DESANTIS The Nemesis Pocket Holster Ambidextrous Black J-Frm/LCR/SP101 Nylon

This will revolutionize pocket holsters Never before has there been a material this viscous It is so sticky it's almost like fly paper This pocket holster will absolutely not move out of position in your front pocket The inside is made of a slick pack cloth for a low friction draw, and the core is just the right amount of foam to break up the outline of the gun

  • Model nemesis
  • Pocket holster
  • Fits ruger lcrsp101colt detective special 2 inch
  • Ambidextrous
  • Black cloth

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6. Fobus RU101 Evolution Holster for Ruger LCR All models fixed sights only

The next step in the evolution of holster design One piece holster body construction with adjustable retention screw allows the user to customize the holster retention pressure

  • Retention adjustment screw with passive retention
  • Protected sight channel
  • Low profile design for concealability
  • Passive retention one piece holster body construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fobus evolution holster ruger lcr sp101
  • Lightweight 2oz. low profile paddle holster right handed. rubberized paddle
  • One piece holster body construction
  • Steel reinforced rivet attachment system
  • Protective sight channel

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7. Sticky Holsters MD-5 Medium

What's a Sticky Holster? Since our inception, we have developed these holsters into a modular system, where you can use it IWB, in the pocket, on your ankle using our ankle rig, and for police officers, on their tactical/armored vest, etc They don't come with clips or loops to secure it in place, as the outer "sticky" skin adheres to your waistband, undergarments, and/or your skin The outside skin is a super non-slip material that, with a little pressure, adheres to just about anything

  • Suitable for j frame and similar revolvers to 2.25 inch barrel
  • Ambidextrous
  • Holster is formed by pressure and body heat from normal use
  • Closed foam interior keeps lint and dust out
  • Sticky outer material eliminates the need for belt loops or clips

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8. Elite Survival Pocket Holster for Ruger LCR and 2-Inch J Frame Revolvers

The Elite Pocket Holster for Rugger LCR and 2 inch J Frame Revolvers is constructed of Toughtek non-slip material with soft nylon lining Holds firearm in the upright position Helps protect weapon from pocket debris Non-slip outer layer helps keep holster in place while gun is removed Fits 2 inch J Frame Revolvers; Rugger LCR

  • Quick and easy concealment
  • Access to your weapon
  • Stay in place while you draw

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9. Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry

AIKATE Concealed Ankle Holster Ideal Size That Fits The Majority Of Guns: Ruger LCP 380, LC9, LC9s, Ruger SR9c, Sig P224, P238, P320, P365, P938, Kimber solo, Kimber Micro 9, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, Bodyguard 380, 38 Special, Glock 19, Glock 23, Glock 26, Glock 27, Glock 30, Glock 42, Glock 43, Walther PPS M2, Taurus PT140 G2, Kel-Tec P-11, Hi Point 9mm, Beretta Px4 Storm, Beretta BU9 Nano, Heckler and Koch P30SK, Kahr PM9, Springfield Armory XDS, EMP, FNS-9 Compact and Subcompact etc

  • No slips down design fits men and women use both upper and lower adjustable straps keep the whole thing firmly on your leg the double layered holster protects your ankle from pressure points.
  • Very comfortable premium soft and breathable neoprene inner material with micro holes that prevent excessive sweating youll just forget youre wearing it simple to operate and safe and easy for concealed wearing
  • Right or left hand draw one holster for both left and right leg use also left and right hand use.
  • Spare mag pouch extra magazine pouch for you to carry oc pepper spray tasers knives and so on. size 3.9x2.5
  • Fits most guns compatible with ruger lcp 380 sig p238 kimber solo sw mp shield 9mm glock 26 glock 27 glock 30 glock 42 glock 43 xds 45 etc. and similar sized weapons with an overall length under 6.5.

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10. Don't Tread on Me Conceal and Carry Holsters DTOM Combination Pocket/IWB Holster for Ruger LCR Revolver CC6

****** Second Generation - The rivet from the clip is now buried beneath the lining material and is no longer exposed to the gun*******You will love the comfort and convenience of this holster The only model with a Patent Pending Design that allows for it to be converted from IWB (in the waistband) to Pocket Holster

  • second generation the rivet from the clip is now buried beneath the lining material and is no longer expoused to the gun
  • We also offer a really nice full grain leather iwb holster for the ruger lcr just search amazon for asin b073qfhkxx best concealed and carry design for ruger lcr pistol
  • Exterior of holster is made of tough nylon that gives excellent tripper protection inside a pocket or itwb
  • Patent pending design allows for easy conversion from iwb in the waist band holster to a pocket holster
  • Holster core is padded with foam to break up the outline of the handgun if used as a pocket holster.

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